Telford Academy Of Performing Arts – New Class – Street Fit®

Street Fit® – Every Tuesday & Thursday

The Benefits:
Develop Cardiovascular Fitness
Improve Your Health & Well-being
Increase Your Energy
Strengthen & Tone Muscles
Improve Your Balance & Flexibility

Street Fit® is a brand new fitness program based around the phenomenon of street dance…

We use the perfect blend of edgy dance moves and intense fat-burning exercise…


With the Street Fit® aerobic exercise program, you’ll get a fitter body faster than you ever thought possible and have fun in the process with our high-energy Street Fit® routines…

Street Fit® is an explosive fitness program designed to maximise fat burn whilst using basic Street Dance, it is guaranteed to get you fit!

Focusing on Cardio, Upper/Lower Body & Core Strengthening whilst incorporating a Street Edge, you are bound to forget it’s a work out!!


Love Dance – Love Fitness – Love Street Fit®

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