I.S.T.D Examination Classes @ Telford Academy Of Performing Arts

Unlock Your Potential with I.S.T.D Examination Classes!

Join us during term time for our dynamic I.S.T.D Syllabus examination classes in Ballet, Tap, and Modern dance. At Telford Academy of Performing Arts, we’re committed to providing top-notch instruction to prepare students for I.S.T.D Examinations while nurturing a love for dance and performance.

Ballet: Explore the grace, elegance, and precision of classical ballet as you refine technique and artistry under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

Tap: Feel the rhythm and master intricate footwork as you delve into the world of tap dance, blending style, rhythm, and musicality with every step.

Modern: Embrace the diversity and versatility of modern dance, where fluid movements, expression, and creativity come together to tell stories and evoke emotions.

Term Time Only: Our I.S.T.D Examination Classes are offered during term time, ensuring a focused and structured learning environment for students to thrive.

Half Termly Fees: Enjoy the convenience of half-termly fees, making our classes accessible and affordable for all aspiring dancers.

📍 Where: Find us at our convenient location: 10 Oxford Street, Oakengates, Telford, TF2 6AA

Ready to take your dance journey to the next level? Speak to Kerry at 07837 – 88 00 12 for more information.

Join us at Telford Academy of Performing Arts and let your passion for dance ignite your potential!